the slavíček group


the slavíček group

Welcome to the website of the Petr Slavíček research group at University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. We use the tools of theoretical chemistry to explore the interaction of light with molecules and materials. We simulate the response of molecules to photons with the goal to design molecules with specific functions.


August, 2022. We welcome new PhD students: Jan Polena, Jiří Janoš, Jožka Filgas and Tomáš Jíra.

June, 2022. Congratulations to S. Dubcová, M. Procházka, J. Janoš, J. Filgas, J. Polena for defending their BSc or MSc thesis!

January, 2022. We welcome a new group member Marin Sapunar.


Department of Physical Chemistry
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
Technická 5
Prague 6, 166 28
Czech Republic

Phone: +420-220443687
Fax: +420-220444333

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