the slavíček group


the slavíček group

Welcome to the website of the Petr Slavíček research group at University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. We use the tools of theoretical chemistry to explore the interaction of light with molecules and materials. We simulate the response of molecules to photons with the goal to design molecules with specific functions.


June, 2024. Congratulations to Martin Procházka for the successfully defending his MSc. thesis with focus on “Relativistic Effects in Liquid Phase X-ray Spectroscopies”!

June, 2024. A new interesting paper bearing the title: “How Does Mg2+(aq) Interact with ATP(aq)? Biomolecular Structure through the Lens of Liquid-Jet Photoemission Spectroscopy” was accepted in Journal of the Amercial Chemical Society.

Decemeber, 2023. Lukáš Tomaník has been awarded by Zdeněk Herman Award for the the best dissertation thesis in the field of chemical physics and mass spectrometry!


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