News, 2014

  • Congratulations to our team members for excellent perfomance at Student’s Scientific Conference 2014 at UCT:
    Veronika Jurásková – Photochemical properties of oxyluciferin tautomers in aqueous solution – 1st place
    Jakub Kubečka – Non-adiabatic ab-initio molecular photodynamics of nitrofenol – 2nd place
    Jakub Med – Simulation of sodium interactions with atmospheric aerosols – 2nd place
    Jan Chalabala – Photoionization dynamics of ammonia dimer – 2nd place
    Martina Rubešová – X-RAY and UV spectroscopy of transition metals complexes – Company award
  • Petr was appointed a full professorship in December, 18, 2014.
  • Petr gave a popularization lecture on Periodic Table at the Faculty of Science, December, 2, 2014.
  • September, 22. Our joint grant with Michal Fárník entitled “Dynamics of solvated electrons in molecular clusters: Experimental and theoretical approach” was awarded the prize of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. More details.
  • Jakub Med and Martina Rubešová defended their bachelor theses on Tuesday, June, 25, 2014. Congratulations!
  • Jiří Chmela and Daniel Hollas defended their master theses on Thursday, June, 6, 2014. Congratulations!
  • Jiří Chmela gave a popular speech on hydrated electron on Thursday May, 30, 2014. See the whole speech (in Czech) here.